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CBT is a utility token developed using ERC20 standards of Ethereum blockchain. ERC20 is a protocol standard that defines certain rules and standards for issuing tokens on Ethereum’s network. We choose the ethereum blockchain because it is widely accepted and currently at 2nd position taking into consideration the market capitalization.

The token is live on the ethereum mainnet and can be accessed on the below address:
CBT Contract Etherescan Link

The total supply of CBT is fixed and is 70 billion. Anyone with a general-purpose ethereum wallet like Metamask can hold and do transaction using CBT.

We have also developed a customized ethereum wallet with a lot more features:

  • Whitelisting using KYC
  • 2FA secure access.
  • Can hold CBT and ETH
  • Developer-friendly REST APIs to integrate the Wallet feature to any traditional web application.

Technology Stack Used:

  • Ethereum Blockchain
  • Solidity Smart contract language
  • Truffle framework
  • Nodejs
  • Reactjs
  • web3.js
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